NY "Extremes" Photo Excursions



I'm a new member of PWP! I shoot portraits -- editorial, creative headshots, nude & erotic. On occasion to shoot street photography and sports and performance and when I travel, travel photography. 

Last summer, I started leading a photo walk. I've done it a handful of times and since then I've split it into 2 separate walks - uptown and downtown. These photo walks are an extension of my private excursion service, Native Creative Concierge.  
I need more recent reviews on my listings (Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Google etc) to generate more interest during the cooler weather and winter months. 

I'm hosting both photo walks for PWP members (and their guests) at a discounted rate

PLEASE NOTE for the special PWP tour (UPTOWN) - the walk will be ~3 hours (I can't adjust the time on the calendar) because we'll conclude at a local bistro for drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic included). You'll have the option to do dinner if you'd like. 
For the Downtown tour, you'll have the option to stop for chocolate (the shop exhibits local artists not to mention the chocolate is made in-house and delicious!) and/or visit a local photography gallery.

You must book on the following dates for the discount:

Saturday, November 9
Sunday, November 10
Saturday, November 16 
Sunday, November 17

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I will also be at the Member meeting this week so we can meet and you can ask your questions in-person!  Thank you!

Abigail Ekue
Author. Photographer. Artist. Provocateur.
CEO, Native Creative Concierge
ph. 646-535-3207