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Vanetta Mayers

Hi PWPers!

We hope you had a great weekend!

Just a reminder that we've created subgroups to help you with job posting/finding, selling/buying gear and promoting non-PWP events. 

The Job Board 
Looking for a job or need hired help on a project? Post photography-related gigs or get hired for a photography-related project!
The Marketplace 
Want to buy or sell photography-related products? Then this is the place for you! You can also use this space to advertise items you'd like to donate or give away. 
Non-PWP Events 
Please use this group to share events that are not affiliated with PWP members.

Please subscribe to these subgroups so you can receive notifications of any messages being posted. You can also adjust your email settings for the subgroups the same as you did for the main group, so you can control how many emails you receive. 

Please reply to this message if you have questions about the subgroups. 

PWP Social Media Committee