Meeting this month is Wed. April 10th!

Professional Women Photographers

We look forward to seeing everyone next week, Wednesday April 10th, for our monthly meeting. Our guest speaker will be Erica Price. 

Erica Price
Currently based out of New York City. Erica is an NYPD press credentialed photojournalist and editorial photographer. She currently contributes to Getty Images, Brooklyn Paper, Downtown Express / The Villager, Brooklyn Courier/Graphic and Untapped Cities. She Shoots a mix of digital and film; The project dictates the medium. Her Polaroid Land camera is a big part of her street kit. It helps connect with the people she's photographing. Her print work has been shown at Photoville, Gowns Darkroom, Powerhouse Arena, Small New York Gallery. In her spare time you can also find her open water swimming.

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