Our Botanical World - Submission Deadline reminder #Exhibition #GroupShow #callforimages

Lita Riddock

To all QBG Photographers:

There is only a day and a half remaining before the deadline for submitting your hi and lo res images for Our Botanical World.  We will be working on the book/catalogue this weekend and must have all your images by midnight Friday, March 16. 

Step One: to submit your images, send them directly to mjhoffer@...

     hi res:   2480 x 3100 pixels    lo res:  1024 x 1280 pixels    This is the rectangular image.

     hi res:   2480 x 2480 pixels    lo res:  1024 x 1024 pixels    This is the square image.

Send these to me in your email proram as ACTUAL SIZE


Step Two:  Make your payment for your metal prints.

To pay via credit card contact:

Fredda Gordon ~ 917.783.0071 or Jini Sachse ~ 914.882.9076

To pay via PayPal:

use one of these three links, depending on how many images you are having printed. Before starting, log into PWP.  Then click on one of the following three print payment options below.  Simply click on the white dot next to PWP Member and then Sign Up. You will be directed to PayPal.

     One Print

     Two Prints

     Three Prints

 Step 3:  Use the Online Google form to:   

      - Confirm your contact information   

      - Confirm Image information   

      - Write image descriptions

or use this link ~



Jane Hoffer

Exhibition Committee