Re: Pre- Meeting Feb 7, Flora exhibit, prints on metal #callforentry

Rose Borden

Hi Debbie,

My name is Rose and I just joined PWP. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area but used to live in NYC and visit a few times a year so hopefully I'll get a chance to meet you the next time I'm in town.  I saw your question about metal prints and thought I should respond since having my images printed on metal is my preferred method of display.

In my experience, you do lose a bit of detail in the process but it really does depend on the image and the surface treatment (i.e., high gloss, satin, or sheer (where the aluminum shows in place of any white areas). I find that the more matte the surface is, the flatter the image looks, similar to the difference between printing on glossy vs. matte paper.  It really helped me to get a sample set printed through Bay Photo.  Just upload an image to them and they'll send you back a set printed on all their surfaces ( Even better would be to have the company that's going to be doing the printing for this show to make you a set or at least show you some samples. Do you know what company will do the printing?

I've been very happy with the results for my black & white, high contrast abstracts as well as my bright, colorful images. I sometimes encounter an issue with getting the black & whites to be neutral without a color cast (they reprinted them at no charge since my files were correct and they should have caught the problem before it was shipped). They tell me the technology has gotten better even in the last year and my last set of black & whites was perfectly neutral.

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