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I believe it was one of my trips - to Delaware?  A museum in the countryside - a day trip. outside of Wilmington/and yes, was a most fun and new experience.  .I’ll have to dig into my memory bank - at the moment having a hard time concentrating on what I’m suppose to do today 😀

there are several nearby places good for a day trip that I can pull together once we see daylight.

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I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

PWP took a trip several years ago. It might’ve been five years ago but it might have been a bit more or less. It was an hour or two from the city and I believe was still in New York State. I can’t remember if there was a photo show but one of the shows at the museum was on the Wyeth, Jamie and Andrew. Does anybody remember when that was and what the name of the museum was? I think it was a museum and not just the gallery.  It was in a natural setting with a little stream by the museum and an area to walk around. I think the intent of the trip was to photograph nature rather than to visit the museum but I don’t remember exactly.

Can anybody help with more info just about where and when? Thank you! 


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